14-02 I see you

We both broke
Our saving money and our living money this month need to keep for my family coming trip.
And I thought, whatever, I need to do something just for a day
It is not because valentine and its spirit. It is not becuz recently we have decided to take 1 anniversary date..(and Valentine is chosen ..for no reason +_+)

It is all about having hard time (mentally and physically) and just want to have some soft and tender feeling to bright up a day.

I bought a cheese cake. I didnt expect from him anything. I shouldn’t. He broke and He was damn tired with office stuff just as me.

I gave it to him, as I predicted, he was suprise and sorry. I told him, it was a cheese cake cause it is sweet and soft and addictive just like him. He was touched then said sorry. I said why didnt he buy something, just a piece of chocolate? He said..he broke ( yay >_> ) We had dinner

He wanted to sleep. I was angry. Why were you tired? I worked very hard in office, people work just as you, but people not that “dead” after working. He said sorry “Maybe I need some sleep more than other”

I watched movie alone. He slept. I tried not to think too much. I didnt expect much so I couldnt be disappointed much, could I? The movie was so good and I kept aside my hard feeling. It is not bad- my valentine. I had something for him. I show him that I love him and I made him feel sorry to forget about doing something for me.

Our friend back home. He gave me that box. A box with some hand made stuff. It was done late last night.
He was tired because of staying late to do this. He didnt buy a chocolate because he wanted to make me surprise which I like a lot

And… I non-stop say thx to the friend who brought that box. “Why do you thank to me. I just gave you. He made it for you”
What could I do. He was sleeping deeply.

I love today, another hard working, exhausted, troubled and worried day. But with him


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