Airport bla bla

In srilanka airport

Good news that internet counter is provided. Bad news that it is 4am in the morning.
Good news that the airport is quite good as big as Malaysia and Vn with full facilities plus handsome guyz (even in 4am in the morning. hahha). Bad news that uniform of flight attendant is really not appropriate. Again , traditional is good but not that good. The uniform is inspired base on their traditional costume with non-connected tight top and a dress which leave the belly in blank . A sexy belly like bollywood star or shakira would be very attractive in this dress but from the fact of flight attendant in this flight, all we can see is the truth of ” there is no ugly woman but ugly dress or make up”.
At least in this point, Male’ airport win over with their nice uniform which praised the sexy of local women

By the way, Male’ airport is the worst up to now. Not talking about the size which can be convinced by the size of country its self. The services is slow, facility can be ranged from less to nothing. Interior design is not too far from government hospital. Over used Air condition bring customer to Canada or North Pole without traveling and default mode of system is HAVING PROBLEM.

How could the most luxury destination in South Asia can let its airport drop to that point?
And the bottom line is president going to increase Airport tax. erh hehe

By the way, i am going to sleep on the chair or watch people sleeping on their chair. The above discussion will leave for some one who “control media” such as admin of kuldhufushi website. hahaha


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