Drag me to hell

I watched “Drag me to hell” as Vine advised “the most horrible movie of the month”
It is nice, worth for the Rm10 and 2 hours during my final exam period. Hehe

As usual, there were a lot of “shocking” and terrified scenes in the movie but the most impressive moment which scared me was when the old lady kneeled on the ground begging Christine for a favor and Christ who was out of control then pushed her away. The lady face changed. She was totally hurt by this action. She got crazy. “ I begged you and you shamed me”
This action is not only a last drop of the glass full of water but the serious reason that Christine was cursed by the lady. It is not because she couldn’t help her with the bank debt. It is because she hurt her pride.
Pride is so important with this lady yet to us. It is easy for us to forgive the person who did wrong things but not that simple when it comes to pride and self-respect. Among all the experiences in our life time, is that the most unforgiveable mistake that your friends or others did to you related to this matter?

We are different in terms of property, beauty, social class but we are the same in the range of humanity. Therefore, it is clear that each of us has a self-value and it must be respected.
The lady’s face haunted me after the movie, this face , a face of “ego be hurt”

By the way, go to watch it. Hehe


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