Okey, im high ^^
Ah ha. It is such a pretty day when the cool and cozy of my blanket keep me on the bed for…1 more extra hour.
It is raining. Actually, it has been such a raining day from the first day I back home. However, I was in kind of moody. Talking about that, I have a friend, some days he has a chance to witness my moody type then the last day he saw me in Malaysia he said “ you are such an adorable girl, no one can really hate you expect they see ur moody part”. I guess It is very annoyed when im in mood of..moody <and when I wake up too>

Back to my story, im high today due to the weather yet my own feeling. You know, along with your long and bored time line, there are some days you open your eyes and “feeling love in the air” even you were dumb by your dearest honey. It doesn’t matter. You are here, then the raining is falling softly as the touch of water to land and trees and flower and your soul. Your skin is fondling by the cool air and you listen to some small daily noise surrounded: your mum is talking on the phone with aunt. Your brother is laughing with a stupid television program, and your father is complaining why should he have no laptop to play games while everyone else does.

Then you smile, swear to god, you smile as a fool without reason. By all of sudden, your sweet memories come back and then you are a foolish person in the world when you see things in pink now.
All of the “Freaking suck” part just turn to be a small bitten of life which not really hurt your full healthy soul and there is no reason for you to nurse a grievance

You are lonely…yerk..–> the world is small, people is busy with their own story, they will back to you soon
You are tired of thinking for future- what should it be. You have a future to worry about, don’t you?
You are freaking out of temper for such a responsible person in this stressful word—> at least, you know there are people need you, and rely on you. Is it good?
And so on…
And my point is People feeling boost up our life time. Inspiration is the reason and the cause
So don’t wish your friend lucky or a successful life time. Wish them an inspirited living time


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