Jun and her drop

We went to Sunway pyramid just for Caramel and Cream at GJ. Later we went out with a bunch of things in plastic bag. Don’t expect everything goes as you expected! Especially shopping ^^
Jun was confused and asked Mio help her to choose drink. This decision made her more…”confused”. “why did you chose that for me, Mio? “ “ why didn’t take …” , “why…” Poor Jun!

However, we didn’t enjoy our drink, we enjoyed others +_+ I drank Mio’s order. Jun took mine and Mio had no choice, she drank Jun’s order. Haiz, we never feel satisfied with thing we got. As I said, the dress in a shop is always attractive more than our own dress. It is applied to other property such as ..husband and wife, computer or laptop and so on. Whatever, we so enjoyed this evening by our non-sense stories until that moment…

Jun dropped a drop of her strawberry smoothie. Ants came. They line up nicely and stood around the drop for drinking sugar. WE watched them. Mio was so excited with this game, she dropped another. I wondered, do they-ants, know that they were watching by some alien idiot —us? I guess no. Those ants were concentrating on their food , they didn’t even know that there is one more drop besides them. Even thought the new drop was bigger than previous ones, ants didn’t move to new place just only some new ants that seem couldn’t get a place in the previous than moved and piled up at new drop.

Is it life? We followed trend. We listened to people’s idea.

Is it life? We are ants , we run crazy, we fight, we struggle to earn money, to buy new car, to have house as ants swarmed over the drop and thought it is all about life. How about trees besides them? How about people watching them? They didn’t see that and missed it.

We have missed a lot of things. Don’t we?


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