Reason not to be hero !!!!

1. Hero is poor <check superman/spider man status

2. If hero is not poor, then he should be very lonely, stay in a hug house/cattle with his old slow servant <check batman, ironman status

3. Parent‘s indentify is very…unclear. They all are either living with relatives or adopted

4. Hero will be threaten and always has to watch out for their girlfriend – most favourite target of their enemy

5. To be hero mean u have to wear very funny, ridiculous costume and yet, go or fly around public place with this

6. They have to sufferer or experienced some terrible accident before turn to hero

7. always busy with people’s stuff <some of them even have to be responsible for old lady’s cat , example>

8. It is very difficult to have friend when u are a hero. Later on, your friend can be killed or be your enemy.

9. A chance of being dumped by girl friend is high. Instead of going for movie, you have to go somewhere else to bring other girl escape from their burning room and tomorrow your picture will be posted on the first page of magazine

10. A hero have to either face public harassment ( hancock ) or totally disappear from public eyes, either way is uncomfortable

11. Hero has no cookies point, santa clause does


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