Spiderman -man stuck in his net

Recently, I watched spider man 3 again in HBO. The first time, I didn’t pay attention to this movie much <I went to watch with a little boy so all attention spent for answering his questions +_+

Story is about a “black” things try to cover and catch spider man. Black net is symbolized for bad things such as: self fish, anger, jealous, greedy,lusty and so on. When this thing tried to take control in spider man, sometime he just let it be and his behavior changed. He became a “bad” guy. However, It doesn’t bad at all. It is just a changing of characteristic. He is no more “nice “guy who would like to take all the disadvantages for him. He raised his voice when people did something effect to his benefit. He punched the guy who flirt his girlfriend.

Is that bad? It is just…human. We are not angel <except when we die and I believe that very small number of us can be angel when we are gone away> Why should we pretend or acting like something we are not? Why should this spider man have to bite again the black net? Does he really think that he could never ever get stuck in those kinds of feeling as a human? I think as long as he still fights and lives in this life he will and he must face with all the un -welcome thing then react as a bitch or an asshole. He refused to become something bad. Director and producer created a plot with internal confused and war inside the hero in order to make spider man “closer to human” not like superman ( I hate this guy) with the slogan “life has choice” . However, at the end of the movie I couldn’t see that point. For me he is still artiste hero.

The only person do “life has choice” is his best friend. This guy had a greedy father. Many things happened and the father had to play a negative role in the movie <yerk, to have a hero we need a bastard) This is not his choice. He didn’t have a choice to have father as he wish

Father and friend fights with each other. This is not his choice. He would never ever want that kind of event “friend-hero and father-bad people” occur in his life.

Father was killed. He had to take vengeance. Now life has choice. He can be another bastard like his father with a very logical reason. But he didn’t even half of this face was destroyed by the hero (again). He chooses standing in the good side with the hero. And he died
That is a hero. Not spider man.

And honestly. i wish that i could absorb the “black” net. To be what i want ^^ but it will be exuded due to thing named “afraid of being judged”


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