Up in the air

Can you or have you ever tried to carry your back pack? Does it scratch the skin of your shoulder? Does your legs get tired?
the slower we move the faster we die

Is that true when you hug someone on the bed from behind and know that the very next day this someone can turn their back in front of you, and you cry, and your back pack gets heavier

Is that true when you step on a land, look around and feel the wind with the trees and think you will be happy forever and ever. Then you end up one of your day at night, try to walk and look at the sky, but it is too dark even stars are all around as they always, and people on the street look at you, and ask where you are going, and you just, cant tell them you are heading home.

Does Ryan ever been loved or been hurt in relationship with people. It is not mentioned. He is now over middle age, collecting Miles from airlines company to be valued by his loyalty and to be welcomed in a VIP lines of hotel, to be served by champagnes, sit beside captain and ask how his day is going.

Ryan is just a “never back pack” guy. He goes around country for his work, never spends times in a particular place even his house. He has casual relationships which are easy and convenient. He fires people, look at their miserable face and tell them there is package with some months salary and allowance. He can even bear to know or remember any of these stories. Because they are almost the same. It is all about angry, disappointing, begging just like the troubles between all kinds of relationship. Why should he carry on those?

till he told to his brother in law the reason to marry that girl – cause you dont want to be lonely. When was the last time that you been alone? Is that sad?

And he ran to that lady’s house. To tell her something, It may not be a proposal, it may not be a kiss but just to let her know that he got back to her, not just by a call.
And she opened the door, kids and husband in the house.
He became no 7 VIP member of the airlines
One of his client killed her self exactly like what she had told him during “the talk”.

He now want to full his backpack, not to empty it.
Just a nice movie, with sexy George . and i tried to list down my back pack, and I want to fill it full by somehow. The story of each life is just carry on some events and die.
– a long times and full with memories finished love
– a bunch of relationships that going to end up somewhere
– a “one time in life” to be beaten
– a family
– a wish that can have a family
– friendship
– loves and being in love


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