81. 10 Reasons why Hollywood PR Vampire.

Okey, I am so much into Vampire now. Vampire Diary fill half day of my weekend so I bring it for the end of the night. haha

Ten reasons why Hollywood PR Vampire:

+Their origin explains a lot (please feel free to contact Googie for more detail =)). They all are rich. Castle with huge fancy dining room and full of boutique stuff hanging over the whole place,  posh life with turkey on the table for dinner (without cooking =)) red wine and carpet.

+They all are young & sexy (FOREVER), forget about acne lotion and diet program! They all are “flirty” Who will not follow them? I guess they could make one of famous Twiter!!

+Their transaction is the most “attractive” among other monsters. Eyes getting red and a little small fang and kiss in the neck. How cool. Have a look at wolf man and his victim. It is terrible, isn’t it?

+Their story is about love story. Not like others. They don’t fight for power or to be the greater much.

+The motive of their monster is quite interesting and more like a metaphor with under meanings (you name it).

+They desire  for blood, lust and love. Hollywood directors take advantage in this to put more spice in their movie with hot screen. Yes, it works!

+They struggle to stand in between day & night. There are Vampire tried to control it by using alternative method (animal blood or any kind of ..stuff that director put in their movie). Unlike other monster, they don’t ask people hold them back or tied them up to stop that hunger. They themselves do that. It is about choice

+They spread their monster seed. Victim turn into one among murder and start to hunt other. It is circle of life and yet, it makes them dangerous.

+Last but not least, Hollywood trend can be changed. but this year is about Vampire. Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diary and all before that.

G9 love!


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