230. Music Show

It was a night that you would say beautiful.

He went out show his face up to the first brezze from ocean. It would be too exaggerated thinking the trouble had blown away. They all are there but it brought him back to 1 second of peaceful mind. When was the last time? It doesn’t mean anything to try to remember your last peace moment while you were standing with your feet on the ground. As it is too precious to be counted. It brought him to his island

It is not neither a huge island with boats cover surround nor small ones with 2 coconut trees on sand waving in the wind for adventure of Robin Crusoe. It is in decent size long and stretch to the ocean with  sharp edge just like snake tongue crawling to the vast deep blue ocean.  People knows each other in island as the fact that not much change happened. He likes it. He was a kid till the last day in his island and loved every single day had been there. He was too young to appreciate that love but now. People called him “the principal” . It was him “the principal” that never went to class late. “The principal” would not allow anyone to talk in class when teach said no. “The principal” was the captain, the most moral captain that his father somehow just wish he could loose the kid a bit to be as childish as his age. His mother is lovely lady happy smile stayed with her when his name called out on the award day. And he left when his ages came applied to police school. There is no other perfect way to be a grow up adult as a police. Training course finished he was threw out to life with the whole batch. He caught real life quite fast with experiences learn from dead or live. He takes all risks as that is how he draw a line with him and the other part. Some laughed at him some just passed. That doesn’t bring much concern as he would be always the principal.

A very disgusting smell cut through the air. His duty is due. All are called back to station for duty end report. The last song is played hardly just to get all the excitement and attention from the crowd. A small group of long dirty hair shaking their head along with the beat. He is watching them knowing that it is not going to be a threat for the night. They come to the show that means they are not. It is a proof otherwise they can just join the big chaos people on the other side threw brick, chairs and all holdable to the air not talking about all dirty language. That is the daily protest going on. When a protest becomes daily there is no place for music. This show is trying to be a firework in the dark time so those who come  just like him suffocated with all and take a break from all. He volunteered for late weekend duty. He volunteered to give up his sleeping for a break, a freaking break. He closed his eyes feeling all the hatrest music just blow in his ears with pleasure. A pleasure has been taken from all news show at night on dinner time with his father and brother argument. An orange and a red never should stay in same room and so does the guy interviewed. A pleasure has been thieved from all weekends lunch stayed in fast food style for his wife to get dress go out join the crowd. His kid has not met neighbor friend. That is not black and white with police and the gangster. That is orange, red, blue. The dumb on the street is no longer blamed for civil services but a victory of one crowd while the other taking glass broken in public house as their medal.

God knows how brave he has been for 10 year services. He would not step one foot down in front of a junkie. He would not blink his eyes while check in all the sleeping window. And his wife with orange full covered shut him down that almost 7 days duty on a row is not a overload work.

“Tonight…we are young” The song laid melody to late night wind. He could feel the move of his feet. The long hair group calm down stand till for awhile.  A corner of stadium just woke up with bike lighting, horn and smoke. His night seems going well at least with music. The last bike in a row just moved out. That is Sazan – his neighbor. He should smile. After all media has brought the police force from one line to another line (what is him and line today?) They have been involved to the madness unconsciously. They got full size picture in newspaper with full size smile on face and yes people shouting at the picture as it is a joke to praise them forget all the murderer behind bars. He should smile and check if the Sazan kid can come to play his son? That is women talk but his wife voice will be lost again, tomorrow. The bike approached him closer

-Hi there.

A strange feeling went through his nerve rapidly. He couldn’t stop it. It is cold. The night went too late? It is sharp. Sazan face has gone. The guy at the back just turned again shouting with unbelievable noise ” you police mother f*ker” Starts go too high. Up over there

-Some one call the hospital

– A police down

– Bleeding, hospital

Are all these calling for him? Is the night over?


News on 22 March: a police on late duty for music show has been stabbed on his neck by a knife from motor bike. His status is not revealed to media but he has been transfer to other country for medical. It is no confirmation of the protest involvement.


Just a short English stuff from a true story- at least the ending part. And I said politic is a sin of human being!


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